} Stridolo Stridolo Seeds, a.k.a.Sculpit, (Silene inflata) very drought

Stridolo Stridolo Seeds, a.k.a.Sculpit, (Silene inflata) very drought tolerant, Asian vegetable

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fast growing Vegetable


An Italian heirloom speciality, but little known elsewhere, this is an aromatic leafy green herb with a rather complex yet delicate, refined flavour like a mild tarragon with hints of peppery 

rocket and chicory. Also known as 'Sculpit', it is quick growing with thin, lance-shaped leaves and used commonly in Italy to flavour amongst others, pizzas, quiches and risottos.

Makes a unusual addition to salads or simply stir into fresh pasta with some olive oil. If you let it grow, it also has lovely dainty, pale pink, lantern-like flowers.

Easy to grow,was very drought tolerant in garden,also grew some in my greenhouse where it was great,I have kept on cutting it and it regrows if you don't take too much at a time,used it raw in salads and cooked in stir fries and risottos,a very useful plant,the flowers are pretty too

Sow in pots indoors February through September. Transplant 3-4 weeks after sprouting. May also be direct sown early spring through late summer. A great choice for winter gardens in our area. Winter hardy perennial is easy to grow

Genus: Stridolo

Family Name: Caryophyllaceae

Synonym: Silene inflata

Seed Catalogue No.: 1605

English Name(s): Stridolo

Hardiness: Hardy

Lifecycle: Perennial

Lighting Conditions: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Soil Type: Clay, Chalk, Sand, Loam

Soil Acidity: Alkaline, Neutral, Acid

Moisture: Well-drained


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