} SUMMER HYACINTH,(Galtonia viridiflora) Bulbs ,Perennial

SUMMER HYACINTH,(Galtonia viridiflora) Bulbs ,Perennial

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We are delighted to introduce galtonia - a South African native that lends grace, long-lasting blooms and exquisite fragrance to the late summer garden. Graceful, green-tinged bell-like blooms hang gently from the 14-24" stems, well above the wide, strap leaves. Galtonia is a lovely addition to cottage gardens, rock gardens and are quite happy in large containers.
Provide well drained, humus-rich soil for your galtonia, in full sun to partial shade. Provide even moisture during the active growth period spring through fall. An extraordinary and long-lasting cut flower - be sure to plant enough for the garden and your vase! Galtonia is highly attractive to butterflies, but deer and rabbits walk right on by. Hardy to zones 7-11.