} Sweet Peas Seeds - Royal White, ANNUAL VINE

Sweet Peas Seeds - Royal White, ANNUAL VINE

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  • Royal Sweet Pea (Lathyrus Odoratus Royal White) - These annual vines have both beauty and a super fragrance, and they easily grow from flower seeds. Let them climb a fence, a trellis, or evergreens and they will add grace to any landscape. White Sweet Pea flowers are also extremely popular for weddings and floral arrangements as they make a great cut flower! 

    For all Sweet Peas, the bloom period depends on the weather. As temperatures warm up, flower production starts to slow down. Removing all spent stalks and blooms immediately after they are done blooming will prolong the bloom period. 

    For best germination, nick the seed with a nail clipper and then soak the seeds over night in warm water. Sow scented Sweet Pea seeds directly outdoors. When the Sweet Pea seedlings have 3 - 4 pairs of leaves, pinch the top of the seedling, leaving 2 - 3 pairs of leaves. This encourages a more branching habit making the plants fuller. Have a trellis or wire for them to attach to as they will begin to climb very quickly after germination.