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TULIP Bulbs ,Pretty Princess ,long stems.beds,landscaping ,Cut Flowers

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Tulip pretty princess

Tulip 'Pretty Princess' is a strain of one of the most oldest & popular tulip varieties ever grown and cultivated in the Netherlands, named Tulip Princess Irene. Many different types have come out of Tulip Princess Irene such as red, yellow and even double varieties. One of our most respected growers in the Netherlands found a soft pink variety in the fields and started breeding and multiplying this new pink tulip into the newly prized variety 'Pretty Princess'. It often takes generations to produce sufficient planting stock in order to offer a new tulip to the market. After several years of testing and cultivation, we are very proud to offer this Triumph Tulip Pretty Princess to our customers. Tulip Pretty Princess has a soft pink color combined with darker pink flames starting from the bottom just like the mother variety Tulip Princess Irene.  The foliage has a pure white edging which makes this tulip complete and very distinctive. Pretty Princess is a strong and sturdy plant, making this variety perfectly suitable for indoor forcing in pots or containers. We supply top size bulbs for optimal performance 12/+ CM. Quick Facts: Tulip Pretty Princess is a strain of Tulip Princess Irene and shares the same excellent growing habits and characteristics.  Beautiful soft pink with darker pink flames.  White edged foliage! Excellent for indoor forcing. 

When to Plant Your Tulip Bulbs:
If you want to fill your garden with color next spring, plant bulbs from October to December; Tulip bulbs can actually be planted right up until Christmas and still flower perfectly well in the following spring because they only need a short season of growth.
How to Plant Your Tulip Bulbs:
Prepare the site by removing any weeds or stones and use a fork or trowel to loosen and aerate the soil. Use a trowel to dig a hole large enough to fit all of the bulbs that you are planting. For large quantities, you may also dig a large bed. The depth of the hole should be twice the length of the bulb itself. Make sure the pointed end of the bulb is up in the ground.
In warmer climates plant bulbs deeper than 10 inches; the deeper you plant a tulip, the tougher it will be. Tulips planted deeper have thicker stems and fall over less often.
When planting tulips, it is nice to place them close to one another to avoid having them standing by themselves in the spring. This is one flower that always looks better in groups. You can place bulbs as close as six inches away from each other in the ground.
A great tip is to alternate rows of early, mid and late blooming tulips so you may enjoy tulips throughout the entire season!

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