} Vinca Vine Variegated, LIVE PLANT, GROUND COVERS

Vinca Vine Variegated, LIVE PLANT, GROUND COVERS

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Vinca Vine Variegated is a popular, fast-growing flowering vine that offers evergreen foliage and beautiful, variegated flowers. Its cascading growth pattern makes it ideal for hanging baskets and other containers, and it features a moderate growth rate and excellent disease resistance. Enjoy its charming beauty in your garden or landscape.

Variegated vinca goes by many names. It's a variegated form of Vinca major or greater periwinkle. It's also known as bigleaf periwinkle (Vinca major 'Variegata'), and the "variegated" part of its name means that the leaves of the plant exhibit markings of different colors.

Vinca vine has big leaves with a distinctive appearance. The leaves of variegated vinca have central patches of deep green, edged in white and varying shades of light green. These patches look like brush strokes painted across the leaf's surface and are stunning.

In addition to their year-round leaves, vinca vines also bloom. Small lavender, blue, or purple flowers appear on the vine in early-to-late spring. The flowers are shaped like pinwheels and have five petals each.
Those pretty variegated leaves last all year, and their flowers reappear yearly. It's a reliable source of green garden color and adds year-round green as a houseplant. However, vinca leaves are mildly poisonous

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