} Wintercreeper SEEDS Perennial FLOWERS VINE

Wintercreeper SEEDS Perennial FLOWERS VINE

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Blooms are not significant. Mostly grown for the colorful foliage that’s variegated white, yellow and green with tinges of purple.

Euonymus is a broad genus of woody flowering plants, mostly native to eastern Asia and portions of Europe. One species, E. fortunei, is especially popular as a garden plant. Known as wintercreeper, E. fortunei is a broadleaf evergreen shrub that can also serve as a climber or spreading ground cover. The distinctive green-and-gold varieties provide a classic but colorful look for the garden.

Wintercreeper's scientific name, forutnei, comes from plant explorer Robert Fortune, while its common name derives from its habit of creeping steadily higher and higher as it grows. Wintercreeper can climb up to 66 feet as a juvenile plant, if it has support, though it generally stops creeping once it reaches full maturity. Without support, it will spread out as ground cover; or it can be kept trimmed as a shrub about 2 feet tall.

How to Grow Wintercreeper Euonymus

plant your seeds at least 1/4″ deep. Keep the soil consistently moist until the seeds germinate. Keep them indoors until you have at least 3-4″ of growth, then harden them off.

Plant wintercreeper euonymus in just about any location other than boggy, saturated soil. It has a good tolerance for most soil and sun conditions. It is generally easy to grow and is tolerant of unfavorable conditions, such as poor soil, drought, and pollution, making it suitable for urban environments. However, because it's technically an invasive plant, it can spread into surrounding lawns and garden areas, as well as climb adjacent trees, if it is not kept in check.

Wintercreeper euonymus is a versatile plant that can serve as ground cover for both sunny and shady areas, as an edging plant along paths, as a slope cover, as a foundation planting, or trained to climb like an ivy to cover walls, chimneys, or fences. Trim it back each year after flowering is complete to keep it in check; otherwise, it can become invasive.


Wintercreeper thrives in full sun to part shade, but it can tolerate a significant amount of shade.


Wintercreeper grows easily in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil. It prefers alkaline soil but will tolerate many different soil conditions, including compacted soil, various pH levels, and dry (drought) soil conditions. But it does not do well in wet soil.

Botanical Name Euonymus fortunei
Common Names Wintercreeper euonymus, wintercreeper
Plant Type Herbaceous perennial
Mature Size Up to 70 feet as a vine; usually kept to 2 to 4 feet as a mounding shrub
Sun Exposure Full sun to part shade
Soil Type Medium moisture, well-drained soil
Soil pH 6.0 to 8.0 (slightly acidic to slightly alkaline) 
Bloom Time April
Flower Color Greenish white (flowers are insignificant)
Hardiness Zones 4 to 9 (USDA)
Native Area China