} Growing Tomato indoor

Growing Tomato indoor

- Potting mix
- Planting containers
- Spritzer bottle
- Plastic wrap
- Something to label with
- Seeds
- Light
- Water


1. Prepare Your Containers. Dampen your potting soil and fill your containers until they are about one inch from the top.

2. Plant Your Seeds. With your pinky finger, poke two or three holes in the soil of each container. Drop a seed in each hole and lightly sprinkle with potting mix to cover. Lightly pat the soil over the seeds and if it’s not moist enough, spritz with water. Label the container or place a label in the soil, moving the container to the sunniest spot you’ve got.

3. Cover Your Seeds. You can create a greenhouse effect by wrapping your containers lightly with plastic wrap. Remove the wrap when your seedlings poke through the soil.

4. Care for Your Seedlings. Keep the soil moist and rotate your containers if the plants begin to bend in one direction or the other. Once your plants have a set of “true leaves”—usually it’s the second set—you can feed once a week with a liquid fertilizer diluted to half-strength.

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