} Annual Ryegrass Seeds ,PURE SEEDS, Cover Crop-Grazing

Annual Ryegrass Seeds ,PURE SEEDS, Cover Crop-Grazing

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Rye Grass Seeds,PURE SEEDS! Grazing Use: Beef, Dairy, Sheep, Horse, Ratite !
Angus 1 is a tetraploid annual ryegrass that has larger leaves, a higher water content, and better palatability than many diploid varieties. Angus1 will produce high quality feed for use as pasture, hay or silage. It was bred for vigor, disease resistance, and high performance. It is highly resistant to the major forage diseases including crown and leaf rust, leaf spot/scald, powdery mildew, and pythium blight.
Angus 1 produces excellent succulant long-term grazing if sown alone or in combination with fall-sown small grains and annual clovers. Angus 1 is a new generation ryegrass with exceptional plant vigor, forage yielding ability, stress tolerance, and disease resistance.
Protein content is in the 24 to 40% range depending on nitrogen levels applied and stage of growth at harvest.
Angus 1 can be used to quickly stabilize disturbed sites subject to erosion because seedling establishnment and root growth are rapid. This makes this ryegrass and excellent choice for quick erosion control, a cover crop, or for pasture uses.
New Seeding Rate: 30-40 lbs/acre/broadcast
Grazing Use: Beef, Dairy, Sheep, Horse, Ratite
Maturity: Late
Hay: Excellent
Silage/Green Chop: Excellent
Controlled Grazing: Excellent
Set Stocking: Excellent
Crop Land Pasture: Good
Drought Tolerance: Low
Wet Soil Tolerance: Moderate
pH Range: 5.0 - 8.0
Fertility Requirements: Medium-High

Materials: Erosion control,Austrian Winter Peas,Pisum arvense,COVER CROPS,organic,green manure crops,nitrogen fixer,Wildlife Food Plots,Winter Grazing,Turkey,Rabbits,and Quail,Attracts Deer

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