} Bells of Ireland .(Moluccella laevis) FLOWERS SEED

Bells of Ireland .(Moluccella laevis) FLOWERS SEED

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fresh cut of dried arrangements.

The 2-3 foot tall plants produce showy apple green bell-shaped sheaths which surround small white flowers. The blossom spikes are attractive, long-lasting additions to fresh cut of dried arrangements. Widely adapted and heat tolerant, does not perform well in climates both hot and humid.

Selected strain for cut flower use.

Add fresh, bright green color and texture to mixed bouquets. Long stems covered with bright apple-green, bell-shaped, 2" calyxes centered with tiny, white blooms. Use as spike or filler flower. Excellent in dried arrangements too. Also known as bells-of-Ireland and shellflower. Ht. 24-48"

How to Plant BELLS OF IRELAND Seeds

Place seed on an¬†evenly moist paper towel,¬†fold and place in zip-lock bag, then¬†refrigerate for 2 weeks.¬†Then sow in cell packs or flats, press into soil and¬†barely cover. Needs light to germinate.¬†Kept at¬†70-75¬į F.,¬†germination is in¬†14-28 days.¬†Can¬†direct sow¬†in groups of 3 seeds spaced 1 foot apart. Thin to the strongest plant.