} Cannellini BUSH Beans ,aka white kidney beans

Cannellini BUSH Beans ,aka white kidney beans

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Cannellini beans ,also known as white kidney beans, ingot beans, cannelloni, white coco, asparagus beans. Greek Heirloom,.

  • Shell and Dry Beans

  • 1 oz about 55 seeds $2.99

  • 4 oz about 220 seeds
  • 1 Lb about 880 seeds

Culture: In conditions of high nitrogen fertility some bush beans may develop vines in moist hot weather. Tender, will not survive frost. Plant 3–4 seeds/ft in rows 24–30" apart. Pick frequently for maximum yields, but avoid disturbing foliage in wet weather to prevent spread of fungal diseases.

Harvest at shelling stage when beans are plump inside pods. For dry beans let pods dry hard on the vine until pressing the beans with your fingernail leaves no indentation. If heavy rains or hard frost threaten before full dry maturity, either pull plants by the roots and hang them in a dry place to finish; or pick pods into mesh or paper bags and finish drying them indoors before threshing.