} Earth angel hosta (Bareroot PLANT) Perennial

Earth angel hosta (Bareroot PLANT) Perennial

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Hosta is recommended for the following landscape applications;

  • Mass Planting
  • Border Edging
  • General Garden Use
  • Groundcover
  • Hosta 'Earth Angel' Hosta is a sport of H. 'Blue Angel' with an added cream margin. Heart-shaped blue-green leaves are bordered by a creamy white margin. The cream margin gets much wider as it matures and often streaks towards the midrib. Leaves emerge blue-green with yellow margins.
  1. Space Hosta blue angel 3-4 feet apart, giving it room to spread (the plant will grow 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide.)
  2. Add organic matter or compost to the hole and plant the hosta.
  3. Choose soil that is normal to slightly acidic which drains well.
  4. Water well the first year to make sure the plant is established, then twice a week thereafter.
  5. Fertilize monthly with an all purpose granular fertilizer during the growing season, or at the start of the season with a slow release fertilizer.
  6. Lilac flowers on long stalks in late spring or early summer will attract hummingbirds.
  7. Hosta blue angel is hardy in zones 3-8. Not winter hardy in zones 1 and 2.
  8. Prefers semi shade to full shade.

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