} Dragon Fruit, seeds (Hylocereus undatus) Open Pollinated-Perennial cac

Dragon Fruit, seeds (Hylocereus undatus) Open Pollinated-Perennial cactus

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Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus undatus), seeds-Open Pollinated- Perennial

Perennial cactus native to Central America and hardy to 30 degrees F. Night-blooming and exotically scented, the flowers of Dragon Fruit can reach more than a foot long and wide.

The fruits are red and free of spines, with a succulent white flesh dotted with the jet black seeds, the flesh being very sweet, edible and delicious, reaching up to 5 inches long. Cacti may be planted in the ground and trained up a pole and then allowed to droop into a weeping willow shape.

The cacti have a jointed growing habit (see photo) which some describe as "vining," and which requires a trellis once the plants attain sufficient size. To get started, press seeds into surface of composty cactus mix and keep moist, warm and in the light. Light-dependency is particularly strong in this species--processing moist seeds in a light place will cause them to germinate, so we process and dry in the dark. Will leave it to you to put them in the light! Germination is in 2 to 4 weeks at 70 degrees F (21 degrees C). Protect from frost.
Open Pollinated

Those of you who are familiar with starting cacti from seed may ignore these directions. Here are some directions for those of you who are just starting out growing cacti from seed. You need to use full spectrum grow lights or a good greenhouse. You can't just grow them on a windowsill in an apartment--they need bright light and very warm temperatures for germination and growth! For starters, you can buy cactus mix at the nursery supply store, but most of us make our own. Here's the common recipe: 50% white pumice, 25% coarse, sharp sand, and 25% organic matter such as coir or compost. Mix thoroughly and inoculate with a handful of cactus mix taken from around growing cacti--this will provide bacterial/fungal substrate that supports the growth of healthy cacti. Use gallon pots or smaller. Fill to 1/2 inch from rim with your cactus mix. Sprinkle seed on surface and mist or water by setting pot in a bowl of water. Do not dislodge seeds or seedlings by rambunctious watering--its counterproductive. Many growers stretch plastic wrap over the top of the pot to create a mini-greenhouse effect for germination, then remove the plastic once the seedlings are up and going. Once the seedlings appear, keep them propped up with pieces of pumice and water every three days during the hot season and water very infrequently during the winter.

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