} Fritillaria persica, Plum Bells (1 Bulb) One of most gorgeous looking

Fritillaria persica, Plum Bells (1 Bulb) One of most gorgeous looking flower

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his very striking Fritillaria, commonly known as the 'Persian Lily', creates a focal point in your spring garden. Numerous dark purple to almost black bell-shaped flowers dangle from a strong stem that can grow to be longer than three feet! The beautiful leaves show that 'Fritillary Persica' belongs to the lily family. They are best planted in clusters of three or more for a unique display. You need about two bulbs per square foot. We supply top sized, huge flower bulbs for the best result.

Height 36+ inches.
Bulb size: 20/+ cm.

Silvery, grayish green leaves and flowers in a hazy shade of dark purple. This plant certainly isn’t blessed with striking colours, and yet it is an eyecatcher in your garden. Somehow it attracts attention. In order to enjoy it for several years, it needs to be planted in soil that is moist, airy and rich in humus,
* Deer & Rodent Resistant and Long Lasting Flowers

Planting Instructions
Fritillaria bulbs should be planted 8" (20cm) deep in rich soil, which has had fertiliser added. As they grow so fast and need to rapidly replenish that effort, they would benefit from an annual liquid feed of potash rich fertiliser (low in nitrogen) when in growth, a proprietary brand for tomato plants would be suitable. The bulbs should not be disturbed unless they flower poorly, when they should again be replanted 8" (20cm) deep. They need a dry position in the summer.