} Hibiscus honeymoon mix,10 FLOWERS Seed

Hibiscus honeymoon mix,10 FLOWERS Seed

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Huge, exotic, blooms! - Huge, exotic, blooms,Bloom summer Fall,Cold Hardy
A large-flowered, British-bred, annual version of this tender perennial. Available in a 3 colour mixture of red, light rose and white with contrasting eye. Each flower lasts 24-48 hours, but they are produced in a constant stream from July right through to first frosts! Height 41-50cm (16-20"). Make your patio garden exotic!

Grower Information : 

 Sow the flower seeds into small pots or starter trays using well-draining, sterile potting mix. Lightly cover the seed and keep moist, but not soggy. The seeds can actually rot if the soil is too wet. Keeping the temperature consistently warm and the soil consistently moist will aid germination. After seedlings have developed and there are several sets of true leaves with the stems having begun to harden and become woody, the young Hibiscus plant can be moved to larger pots or to a protected place in the garden. These tender young plants should be introduced to the sun gradually over several days. At this point a water soluble fertilizer can be used.