} landreth stringless bush bean

landreth stringless bush bean

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landreth stringless bush bean , No Staking ! Good for the table, the market,and canning,Organically grown Heirloom Bean.Great Flavor !

4 oz package contains approximately 300 seeds
 8 oz package contains approximately 600 seeds
1 Lb package contains approximately 1200 seeds

Landreth Stringless Bush Bean,Early tender crop, excellent canning or freezing!
The "Landreth Stringless" bush bean is an heirloom variety.Bush, 55 days.
This meaty variety debuted in 1885. It is a flavorful, stringless bean and boasts heavy yields. The pods are medium green in color and a little over 5” long. The seeds are a rich chocolate or coffee brown. D. Landreth Seed Co., one of the oldest surviving American seed houses, proudly proclaimed it as a favorite; “one of the finest pod varieties for the home garden, market garden and canner.

Vegetable Planting: Direct sow outside after danger of last frost. Plant about 4” apart and 1“ below soil surface. Rows should be spaced at 24”-30” apart

Materials: Bean,Organically grown,meaty and tender,Stringless when young,No Staking,Bean Seed,Heirloom bean,Langstrath Stringless,Green Bean Seeds,Bush Bean,Vegetable seed

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