} Listada di Gandia Eggplant seeds - Italian Vegetable

Listada di Gandia Eggplant seeds - Italian Vegetable

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Organic Non-GMO Listada di Gandia Eggplant - Open-Pollinated

  • Eggplant Seeds - Listada di Gandia Eggplant - Open-Pollinated ,Organic Non-GMO ! Italian Vegetable
  • Organic
  • Small plants grow to 14 inches
  • Oval 8 inch fruit
  • Thin-skinned fruit
  • Heavy yields
  • Thrives in hot weather
  • 80-90 days from transplant
  • ±5,600 seeds/oz

This variety will grow well in most regions of the United States but it thrives in very hot climates.Stunning magenta-striped Italian eggplant for a beautiful display. Very productive plants produce abundant tender, delicious fruits with unusually thin skin. Egg-shaped petite fruits fit in the palm of your hand and are great for smaller portions. Holds its color even at large sizes. Gourmet appeal • 3-5” fruit. (Solanum melongena)

Days to maturity: 85 days

Vegetable Description:
Eggplant appears to be a very ancient fruit; the earliest references to it can be found in Chinese and Indian records. Though usually considered a vegetable, botanists classify eggplant as a berry. Early varieties of eggplant were named for their resemblance to large white eggs; in Europe, eggplant is usually referred to as aubergine. In medieval times eggplant were called mad apples, because they were thought to induce insanity. Experimental horticulturist Thomas Jefferson included varieties of eggplant in his gardens; at the time, growers used eggplant mostly for decorative purposes. Regions of southern and eastern Asia especially appreciate the eggplant, naming it "king of vegetables" and making it a staple of their cuisine. In addition to the traditional purple pear-shape of Black Beauty, eggplant comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Black Beauty is one of the earliest and best known American varieties of eggplant, dating from the early 1900s.
When to sow outside:
2 to 4 weeks after average last frost and when soil temperatures are warm and when outside nighttime temperatures are at least
When to start inside:
RECOMMENDED. 10 to 12 weeks before average last frost. Transplant seedlings outside 1 to 2 weeks after last frost.
Harvesting: All eggplant varieties should be harvested when fruit is shiny and before skin turns dull. Continual harvest will encourage more production. Harvest at about 6" long. Cut woody stem with pruners. If seeds inside are dark, fruit is past its prime but still edible.

Vegetable Botanical Name: Solanum melongena var. esculentum

Vegetable Duration: Annual

Vegetable Days to Maturity: 80

Vegetable Seeds Per Oz: 6500

Vegetable Height: 24” to 36”

Vegetable Planting: Direct sow outside about 2 weeks after last frost. Plant about 24” apart, and 1/4“ below soil surface. Rows should be about 36” apart.

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