} Long Green Improved Cucumber Seeds, Annual Vegetale

Long Green Improved Cucumber Seeds, Annual Vegetale

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 CUCUMBER - Long Green Improved
65 days — 'Long Green Improved' is a very old variety that was the most widely grown slicing and pickling variety for decades since its original introduction in 1842. It was bred as a selection of an even older variety, 'Long Green Turkey,' that dates back to prior to 1778.Long Green Improved is ideal both both pickles or slicing. Black-spined fruits 8-10” long and 3” thick. Glossy, medium-green, quite warted skin. White, solid and tender, crisp flesh. 60 days.
It is a vigorous and dependable variety with dark green fruits that are ten to twelve inches long by two to three inches in diameter.
Our heirloom Long Green Cucumber is the perfect size for slicing, salads, dips and can be ground to make dill or sweet relish. This is a rare heirloom variety that is well worth growing for it's wonderful crisp taste.
Produces a heavy crop of medium-length fruits (6-8 inch).
Cucumbers are native to Africa and Asia and has been cultivated for 3000 years. Cucumbers must be grown in warm temperatures and full sunlight, and will not stand frost.
Cucumbers mature quickly and are very easy to grow.
They are great producers and you will be rewarded with lots of cucumbers at harvest time. To keep cucumbers to continue producing, keep the vines picked.

How to Plant Cucumbers
Cucumbers can be planted in containers, rows, hills, or raised beds. Be warned: one plant produces a lot of cucumbers. And, some plants can produce all summer long. So, think about spacing out plantings to harvest all season.
A hill of cucumbers. Know what this it? Because, I thought I had it down pat, and I was wrong. I thought it was about mounding the dirt for water retention around the roots. Well, sort of, but there’s more to it than just that.
Vine crops are often grown this way, like cucumbers, squash, and melons. The idea of hill planting is to start the root system in the center. From there they grow outwards, not competing with each other for water or soil nutrients.

Again, hill planting is for your vine cucumbers. Hills need to be about 3 feet apart. Plant about 5 or so seeds in the hill. Once seedlings have established, reduce to only three plants. Instead of pulling up the seedling, just cut it off. This will prevent any disruption to the root system.

Remember, vine cucumber plants are better trellised. These plants have healthier vines, and harvesting is easier since you can see the fruit. Check here for a ton of information on home grown trellised cucumbers.

Raised Beds
You can plant any type of cucumber in a raised bed. The benefit of using raised beds with cucumbers is soil drainage. Raised beds, in general, will provide well drained soil.
I keep saying raised beds are my preferred gardening method. There’s a reason I say this: it makes gardening easier! It’s easier to reach the vegetables, control soil health, and control pests and weeds.

Suggestions: Keep fruits picked to encourage more production. . Keep soil moderately moist during germination. Water deep and feed every 3 weeks.

Reminder: Plant some fresh dill for homemade pickles.

Companion Plants for Cucumbers
Growing these companion plants around cucumbers will be helpful: nasturtiums, radishes, marigolds, sunflowers, peas, beets, carrots, and dill.

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