} Moon & Stars-Yellow Watermelon seeds ,Certified Organic ,Non-GMO Heirl

Moon & Stars-Yellow Watermelon seeds ,Certified Organic ,Non-GMO Heirloom

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Moon & Stars-Yellow
(Citrullus lanatus)
The rare yellow fleshed strain of Moon & Stars. Foliage and fruits are spotted with small stars and larger moons just like the Van Doren Strain. Hard to find a finer tasting yellow watermelon. Fruits have the potential to grow up to 30 pounds under ideal conditions and are elongated instead of round, reaching a maximum length of 30”. Good tolerance to drought. 90-95 days.
Extra Information
Average Seeds Per Ounce: 260
Certified Organic by MOSA
Vegetable Duration: Annual
Vegetable Days to Maturity: 80
Vegetable Height: 6” to 12”
Vegetable Spacing: 5' to 6'
Germ. 80% plus.
Vegetable Planting: Direct sow outside after danger of last frost. Plant in hills of 2-3 plants per hill at 60”-72” apart, and 1“ below soil surface.

Materials: non gmo,Orange,Fruit Ripens,outdoor,garden,planting,hubby,red,Sweeter,than sseedless

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