} Red Long Tropea Onion Seed /Rossa Lunga (110 days) Open-pollinated

Red Long Tropea Onion Seed /Rossa Lunga (110 days) Open-pollinated

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Red Long of Tropea Onion Seed - (110 days) Open-pollinated.
Approximately 9,000 Seeds Per Oz
Traditionally grown in Mediterranean Italy and France for harvest just at maturity in mid-late summer. Nice specialty variety. Adaptation: 35°-48° latitude. Red, sometimes called purple onion, heritage variety in southern Italy, medium to large, mild sweet flavour, used raw or grilled, tends to lose redness when cooked, long storage.
China: tsung tau, yang cong

India: piyaz

Indonesia: bawang bombay

Japan: tama negi

Malaysia: bawang besar

Philippines: sibuyas

Sri Lanka: rata lunu

Thailand: hom yao

Rossa Lunga di Tropea Onion (110 days) Open-pollinated. My father helped design torpedos in World War II, but none like this, the famous Italian heirloom torpedo onion. The name means Long Red of Tropea, and Tropea, in Calabria near the southern tip of Italy, is the site of a famous onion festival every August. Elongated like torpedos, these are thin-skinned glossy maroon bulbs with lighter interiors that slice easily into even rings. Sweet, mild and delicious for fall enjoyment. Plants died back in the first week of October for Donna Dyrek, will finish earlier if started indoors March 1. Excellent bunched fresh for farmers market in midsummer. Restaurant chefs love them for grilling or braising. Though we do not rate it as a winter keeper, it was still rock hard one Jan. 18 for Elaine Gambone of Plymouth, VT. Intermediate to long day for middle latitudes: 35–48°.
Sowing instructions: In areas of hard winters: Seed sowing in place of 1 cm depth and 30 cm in line from the end of February to April.
In areas of soft winters: Seed sowing in place of 1 cm in depth and 30 cm in line from mid-August to mid-September. Clear up every 10 cm. As soon as leaves start to turn yellow, cut back the foliage on the ground for a better exposure of the bulb to the sun which will concentrate the juice in the onion, as soon as the foliage is dry, you can start collecting and let them them dry for 8 to 10 days, don't forget to turn them if they dry on the grown. Cut leaves and roots, preserve onions from moisture in small cages.
Sowing distance: 10 cm by 30 cm between lines
Minimum seed sowing temperature: 19 °C to 21°C
Seed germination: 15 to 20 days

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