} Snowbell Seeds,SOLDANELLA alpina , - VERY RARE !

Snowbell Seeds,SOLDANELLA alpina , - VERY RARE !

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Soldanella alpina - Excelent for the rock garden,
Alpine Snowbell, Blue Moonwort
Another classic plant for the rock garden, this is one of the most charming of high alpine flowers. They form spreading mats of glossy, kidney-shaped leaves and bear in early spring their delightful, drooping, bluish, bell-shaped flowers with deeply fringed petals, each flower looking just like a pixie's cap. Although not the easiest of alpine plants to grow, the flowers more than justify any care taken over them. 3-4 ins.
Product Description
Soldanella alpina rotundifolia is called Alpine Snow Bell, Snowbell, or Alpine Soldanella, & is known as Alpklocka in its native range. It is a one to three inch-tall member of the primrose family that grow in the Swiss Alps in damp fields, amidst riverbank brushes, & along the edges of melting snow paths. It likes sun but needs some protection, for in its native setting it would be very nearly the smallest plant & so somewhat shaded even in bright locations. Puget Sound has about the warmest weather in which snowbells thrive, but it will also do well in much colder places, down to USDA Zone 4, where it sometimes blooms before the last snows have completely melted away.

Hardiness: Hardy

Lifecycle: Biennial, Perennial

Type: Creeping/ Matt Forming, Alphines

Colour: Blue

Flowers: April

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