} Stratified American Ginseng Seeds, Ready To Plant

Stratified American Ginseng Seeds, Ready To Plant

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Stratified ginseng seeds are seeds that have been harvested from ginseng plants and put into moist sand for about 12 months. Then, it is removed from the sand and is ready to be planted. Our stratified seeds are from a reliable and disease-free farm from Wisconsin and can be planted throughout the fall and into early winter (From Middle of August through early March, when ground is not frozen). These seeds will then sprout in the spring and will be well on their way to reaching mature size.
Ginseng Growing Instructions

How To Grow Ginseng
Information on planting, harvesting, and growing your own herbal garden or Ginseng patch:
*If it is your first time, don't start out spending a lot of money on a large amount of seeds or roots. Start small and plant more and more each year. The most important thing is to START and to plant seeds or roots EVERY year. Each year you will have more and more ginseng roots and seeds, and you will become even more interested in it. Also, if you plant every year, when you do begin to harvest, you will have a harvest every year.

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