} Sweet Mignonette – Reseda odorata,sweet-scented perennial flower lik

Sweet Mignonette – Reseda odorata,sweet-scented perennial flower liked for its intense spicy fragrance

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Sweet Mignonette – Reseda odorata
Mignonette is a sweet-scented perennial flower with a romantic history, few others can match. Although a true perennial mignonette is usually treated as an annual.
The intense fragrance comes from insignificant chartreuse or reddish flowers blooming in spiked clusters. They prefer cool, moist conditions, and need regular water and fertilizer to get the best, most fragrant blooms. Plant with our Evening Scented Stock for a perfumed garden day and night.

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Sweet Mignonette – Reseda odorata
The sweet fragrance of this lovely plant is a luxury in any garden. This is one of the most popular flowers that are cultivated solely for fragrance. Mignonette is a favorite for bouquets. In the garden it is used to break up undesirable color combinations. The flowers are brownish-red or white, and individually are odd in form and shape. The fragrance of Mignonette suggests many uses, for it renders any bouquet delightful. As a cut flower, some varieties last fully a week in water. Grown in pots for the sunny window, the flowers are a constant delight.
Origin: Introduced US Flower
Other Common Names: Garden Mignonette, Common Mignonette
Duration: Perennial
Bloom Time: Summer
Height: 12 in to 24 in
Light: Full Sun to Part Shade
Soil Moisture: Medium to Wet
USDA Zone: 3a-9b
Seeds Per Oz: 25000

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