} Tulip Double Late "CREME UPSTAR" fall Planting Bulbs, !

Tulip Double Late "CREME UPSTAR" fall Planting Bulbs, !

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A luscious double tulip with a sweet fragrance. Creme Upstar displays a blend of pastel colors from cream and pale yellow to apricot, pink and rose. As the blossoms mature, their colors intensify. Exceptionally beautiful in bouquets.
• Blooms in Late Spring
• Excellent Cut Flower
• Fragrant
Find a location with full sun. Soil should be well drained. Adding compost right before planting will help with drainage.
Depth and Spacing:
Plant large bulbs 8-10" deep and smaller bulbs 5-6" deep. Space 4-6" apart.
Plant in fall. After planting, water well to settle the soil around the bulbs. Roots will form in the fall. A few sprouts may also develop in autumn if you live in a warm region. More substantial top growth and flower stems will form in the spring.
Water in fall to help good root growth before ground freezes. Do not water in excess during summer when bulb is dormant.
Use low nitrogen fertilizer in fall and spring. After blooming leave foliage and water weekly. This will help with root growth. When leaves turn yellow and die back foliage may be removed. Placing mulch over plant during winter will help keep plant dormant and protected.
Cut Flowers:
Tulips make excellent cut flowers. Cut as many as needed and bring indoors to enjoy their beauty and scent.

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