} TULIP GREENLAND" Fall Planting Bulbs Shipping now!

TULIP GREENLAND" Fall Planting Bulbs Shipping now!

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Viridiflora tulips offer those seeking the unusual fertile ground and lots of inspiration. Tulip 'Greenland' is among the loveliest of the viridifora group, and like their sisters, they offer flowers that last well on the plant as well as in the vase. Pink and mint-green makes for a striking colour combination and that’s just what these spring-fresh blooms will give you. Combine Tulip 'Greenland' tulips with pink or blue Veronicas, mix them with other viridifora tulips or plant them on their own for a tulip meadow effect that will necessitate even more time spent in the garden – just to admire your beautiful flowers!

Originating in the foothills of Central Europe, tulips were brought to Western Europe in the 16th century and soon became synonymous with the Dutch culture and one of the world's most popular flowers. Tulips look best when grouped into larger sized garden plantings or pots and containers – although they also present a spectacular display when blooming in our enormous Skagit Valley fields!
Tulip bulbs should be planted during the fall months so that they can flower in the spring. Bloom dates will mostly depend upon the local climate, but exposure to sun and water will also influence timing. These flowers do not require extensive sunlight and will bloom when planted in fully shaded areas. Tulips will typically produce a single flower per bulb, but some varieties will have multiple blooms. Great as a garden flower or cut and placed in a vase, tulips are known to be a declaration of love!