} Tulip Rainbow Parrot Fall Planting Bulbs.Shipping now!

Tulip Rainbow Parrot Fall Planting Bulbs.Shipping now!

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ALSO KNOW AS RASTA PARROT TULIP Impressive beautiful colors come to life in this exclusive parrot tulip. The name says it all! We can proudly say that we are one of the first to offer this brand new tulip. A true must have this season. 'Rainbow Parrot' shows a beautiful rainbow from purple to red, from yellow to green and from blue to orange colors. This color splendor is one that you rarely see with tulips or any other flower. This fascinating variety boasts large flared heads with intricately feathered edges. Petals twist and turn artistically, each one a spectacular cream flushed pink with green flares. The main body of the outer petal blushes green towards the base and blends into each grey-green stem seamlessly. Each flower head sits on a sturdy stem, surrounded by lance-shaped foliage. Webers Parrot not only looks good in pots or the border, but is perfect for cut flower displays. How about mixing with similarly coloured, more simple looking tulips to complement? 11-12cm bulbs supplied. Flowers April to May. Height 50cm
USDA Hardiness Zone -First Frost Date- Last Frost Date

Zone 1 -July 15th -June 15th
Zone 2 -August 15th- May 15th
Zone 3 -September 15th May 15th
Zone 4 -September 15th May 15th
Zone 5 -October 15th April 15th
Zone 6 -October 15th April 15th
Zone 7 -October 15th April 15th
Zone 8 -November 15th March 15th
Zone 9 -December 15th February 15th
Zone 10 -December 15th January 31st (sometimes earlier)
Zone 11 -No frost. No frost.
You can look up your climate zone here: http://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb/