} White TEPARY ,Runner Bean SEEDS'

White TEPARY ,Runner Bean SEEDS'

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'Italian Heirloom, Grown Organically, Non-GMO

Tepary beans are native to the Sonoran Desert, and are thought to have been first domesticated from wild plants in Northwest Mexico. Teparies have apparently been cultivated by desert-dwelling indigenous peoples in this area for 4,000 years. Particularly in the last 30 years, tepary beans have spread to other arid regions worldwide

mature creamy white seeds. They have a pleasing texture and hold their shape well and are considered excellent for use in soups and salads.This is a vigorous variety with prolific yields of long, slender pods with good flavour. With a high crop to space ratio, it will produce through the summer heat and is better able to withstand adverse weather conditions. 80 days to harvest.
Runner Bean White Emergo has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit
Bean pods are ready to pick when they are mature and dried down. 95 days until full maturity. Packet contains approximately 100 seeds grown naturally with love and care.
Where to grow:
Beans prefer to grow in moist, fertile soil in a sunny, sheltered spot away from strong winds. Prepare the soil for planting by digging over and adding plenty of organic material, this will help to improve the soil's moisture-retaining ability and fertility. Beans can also be grown in pots. Choose pots at least 45cm (18in) in diameter and make sure there are plenty of drainage holes. Fill with a mixture of equal parts loam-based compost and loam-free compost.
Even when temperatures are not below freezing, cold air can damage bean plants, so don't plant too early. Plant outdoors only after the last frosts.
Sowing seeds early indoors gives a faster and more reliable germination rate, particularly for runner beans. At the end of April sow a single bean seed, 4cm (1.5in) deep, in a 7.5cm (3in) pot filled with multipurpose compost. Water well, label and place on a sunny windowsill to germinate. Seedlings will be ready to plant out after about three weeks. Before planting, put in a cold frame to acclimatise.
Alternatively, beans can be sown directly in the soil between the second half of May and the middle of June. Plant two seeds next to your support about 5cm (2in) deep. Water well. After germination remove the smaller and less robust of the two young plants. As they grow, ensure the plants continue to twine around their canes