} Yellow Starwort Seeds (Elecampane Inula) Wild Sunflower

Yellow Starwort Seeds (Elecampane Inula) Wild Sunflower

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Inula helenium - ,Perennial
Inula helenium - Elecampane also called Yellow Starwort, Elfdock, Elfwort, Horse-elder, Horseheal, Scabwort, Velvet Dock, Wild Sunflower

  • Other Common Names: Chin Ch'Ien Chu, Chin Ch'Ien Hua, Elecampagne, Elecampane, Elecampane Inula, Elf Dock, Enula, Griekse Alant, Helenio, Helenium, Horseheal, Hsuan Fu Hua, Induzotu, Mu Xiang, O-Oguruma, Scabwort, Velvet Dock, Wild Sunflower

Uses: Medicinal

Dried root preparation quiets coughing, helps digestion, and the stomach INULA HELENIUM Dried root preparations quiet coughing, stimulate digestion, and tone the stomach.

Bitter, pungent, aromatic, expectorant, antitussive, hepatic, antiseptic, diuretic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, immunostimulant, Elecampane covers a lot of ground as a medicinal herb. It is a perennial plant, growing up to 6 feet high, with large, olive-colored leaves with white veins. The large, yellow flower heads are solitary and grow from July to September. Overall, the plant resembles a horse radish with a ragged sunflower type bloom.

  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Where To Plant: Full Sun to Partly Shady
  • Soil Types: Average
  • Zones (See US Zone map): 3-8
  • Germination: Easy