} Broccoli Raab SEEDS, Spring RAAB ,rapini (Brassica Rapa) Asian Vegetab

Broccoli Raab SEEDS, Spring RAAB ,rapini (Brassica Rapa) Asian Vegetables

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Broccoli, Raab Rapini Organic

This Italian vegetable is commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Use in salad, steam, or sauté in olive oil. Add the greens to pasta or potato dishes. High in vitamins A and C. Japanese cuisine prepares ohitashi broccoli raab. Popular grown as microgreens.
  • Cool season annual
  • 255,000 seed count per pound.
  • Maturity: Approx. 40-50 days
  • Planting season: Early spring

Broccoli-raab (also known as rapa, rapine, rappone, fall and spring raab or turnip broccoli) is a rapidly growing annual when grown in spring, but a biennial in fall

Broccoli raab is also commonly known as rapini, an Italian specialty vegetable, is grown for the florets or flower bud shoots. The florets have both mustard green and broccoli flavors with a hint of bitterness. Plants grow up to 30" tall.

Harvest at any stage depending on culinary use grown for microgreens to full maturity.
The most versatile broccoli raab variety for growing throughout the season. Especially for spring and summer harvest, and overwintering in mild climates. 
Average seed life: 3 years
All brassica crops grow best in partial-shade, in firm, fertile, free-draining soil. Start digging over your soil in autumn, removing any stones you find and working in plenty of well-rotted manure or compost. Tread on the soil to remove any air pockets and make the surface very firm. Brassicas will fail if the soil is too acidic so add lime to the soil if necessary, aiming for a pH of 6.5-7.5.
Rapini has two sowing periods, plant seeds in early spring and again in autumn.
Sow undercover in February to April to harvest April to June and sow in July to October to harvest September to November. Don't sow in June and July as the plants will bolt.
In mild climates it can be autumn sown and over wintered. If planted too late in the spring, the warm weather hastens the opening of the flower buds. Once the plants flower, they will have passed their peak of quality.
Brassicas can be sown directly or planted in a seedbed or in modules under glass and then transferred. Sow thinly and successionally, to be harvested in 60 days.
Seeds should be planted in rows spaced 30 to 60cm (12-24in) apart, with an average of 12 to 15 plants per 30cm (12in) row. Seeds may also be broadcast over the bed surface, with the bed made as wide as can be readily worked. Keep the plants moist. Broccoli raab germinates easily and grows quickly. Plants should be thinned or transplanted to an interval of 15cm (6in). The seedlings resemble "butts" for lack of a better description! Round and fat with an indent on each outer side, then the "true" leaves appear.
Harvest plants before buds open, at a height of 25 to 38 cm (10 to 15 in). Cut the plants at the ground level, or where the stem tissue ceases to be tough and becomes succulent. If you harvest carefully, leaving the lower two leaves intact, they will often resprout several times. A second and third cutting may be obtained if conditions are ideal. The small yellow flowers are also edible.
If you are growing your own plants, it is best to harvest right before your meal. To maintain crispness, refrigerate, unwashed, loosely wrapped in a plastic bag or wrap for three to five days. For longer storage, blanch and freeze.

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