} Florida Broadleaf, Mustard Seeds, winter hardy VEGETABLE.

Florida Broadleaf, Mustard Seeds, winter hardy VEGETABLE.

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Mustard Florida Broadleaf HEIRLOOM Seeds,  One of the first greens in spring.
Brassica juncea
45-60 Days. Florida Broadleaf can’t be beat — its great mustard flavor and productivity have made it a long-time favorite of Southern gardeners and cooks. However, gardeners everywhere can grow and enjoy these healthy and delicious greens. Small leaves can be harvested for baby greens and added fresh to salads. Large leaves can be prepared a variety of ways — steamed, boiled or braised.
When to sow outside: RECOMMENDED. 4 to 6 weeks before average last frost, or in late summer (8 to 10 weeks before first frost). The advantage of late summer sowings is the best mustard flavor occurs after light fall frosts.
When to start inside: Not recommended.
Harvesting: Start harvesting leaves when they are 2” tall, as needed, or let plant grow to maturity and remove entire plant. Spring harvest should be complete before summer heat arrives. Late summer crops will last until the first hard freeze.

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