} Nicotiana SEEDS (Nicotiana Alata Crimson Bedder) Flowering Tobacco

Nicotiana SEEDS (Nicotiana Alata Crimson Bedder) Flowering Tobacco

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Nicotiana (Nicotiana Alata Crimson Bedder) - Nicotiana is also known as Flowering Tobacco, and it is easily established with Nicotiana seeds. Red Flowering Tobacco plants are free-flowering and sun-loving with blooms that continue from early summer to fall. This profusely blooming, vigorous plant sets hundreds of blooms which are nearly 2 inches in diameter. The unique color and bloom power make this Nicotiana plant a winner for every gardener. It will reach 20 inches high and spreads about 12 - 18 inches wide, and every inch is packed with crimson blooms. The foliage of red Nicotiana plants resists disease, so it looks as good in October as it did in May. Flowering Tobacco care includes deadheading the spent blooms and light trimming to promote more blooming. Red Flowering Tobacco plants will drop their seed for next year.

Sow Nicotiana seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before last frost. Press the flower seeds into the starter mix, but do not cover. Or directly sow Nicotiana seeds outdoors after danger of frost has passed. The plant will easily bloom within 10 - 12 weeks after sowing the Nicotiana flower seed. It requires average water, good soil, and balanced fertilizer during the blooming season. Nicotiana Alata is a sun-lover, and looks great in containers even when they're crowded. Many gardeners like to plant Nicotiana Flowering Tobacco beneath a window or near the patio because the heavenly scent is just irresistible on a warm summer evening. Adding to the charm of Flowering Tobacco plants are the butterflies and hummingbirds that frequent the scented blooms.

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