} Sambar Cucumber Seeds, (Dosakkai type) from Andhra Pradesh, India, Del

Sambar Cucumber Seeds, (Dosakkai type) from Andhra Pradesh, India, Delicious !

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Another cooking cucumber (Dosakkai type) from Andhra Pradesh. Delicious when used in the preparation of Sambhar, the signature lentil chowder of South India.
(Cucumis melo) Although much of the information about Dosakai calls them cucumbers they are NOT cucumbers! They are actually a part of the so called “Conomon” group of Melons. Traditionally the Conomon melons have been used in the far east for pickling. The Dosakai Melons are used in India for pickling, (in the Indian Style) and for using as an ingredient in Sambar a type of lentil/vegetable stew prevalent in South India. They are as easy to grow as any other melons and are very productive. There are many recipes for making “Sambar” with Dosakai that are available on Indian cooking websites. Bring some authentic Southern Indian produce into your life with these! Dosakai Melon   Growing Info: Sun: Full Sun 
Height: 6-8 inches
Spread: 36 inches
Days to Maturity: 58 days
Sowing Method: Direct Sow 
Fruit Size: 6-8 inches

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