} Strawberry Event - Asaitic Hybrid Lily, (3 Bulbs) Gorgeous flowers

Strawberry Event - Asaitic Hybrid Lily, (3 Bulbs) Gorgeous flowers

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Strawberry Event. Bright red flowers peppered with black, a stunning combination. Event Asiatic lilies will add a touch of something different to any garden, while they look great in containers we think their true beauty is only achieved when mixed in a herbaceous border. Height 120 cm, flowers from mid-June. Supersize 22cm+ 

The true Tiger Lily is native to Korea, but today, gardeners the world over enjoy the beautiful big flowers on strong stems that return year after year. In fact, Tiger lilies are now so common in the US, many people think they're native.

As long as you have well-drained soil, they will grow for you, perfectly perennial even in some of America's coldest climates.

This is the lily with little black 'bulbils' (baby bulbs) that form up and down the stem in the leaf axils. These little bulbs drop to the ground naturally, and spring up the next year as baby tiger lily plants. Over the years, you'll have an expanding clump.

This is the perfect no-maintenance lily to add to your flower border or particularly, your wildflower meadow. A few towering lilies over a wild meadow in full bloom is a wonderful mid-summer sight.